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About Me – Focus and Fortune

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About Me profile picture. Gravatar cartoon image of site owner Russell, wearing a straw hat and a blue and gray striped sweatshirt.

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my About Me page. I hope you’re having a great day and feeling energized. Since you’re here, I’d like to tell you a bit more about myself, my background, and why I’m running this site.

There are many reasons why you may have landed on I Want To Leave My Job!, but don’t worry, I’m hoping you’ve found a place that can help shape your future.

I Want To Leave My Job!’s aim is to provide options and guidance for anyone feeling trapped or disengaged in their current job, or situation. Ultimately, it’s my personal goal to help you achieve your goals.

I want you to enjoy the best life you can, because there’s a reason for your visit, and I care about that. I’m here to help and support you, wherever and whoever you are.

About Me – Who Am I?

My name’s Russell, from the UK. I’m a gentle guy who probably loves other people more than I love myself. Possibly a flaw, but not one I trouble myself with.

Tabby cat, Maisie, with face to the camera. She's sitting on a windowsill, catching some sun.

I’m a father of cats – four! They are my pride, joy and angst. I need to keep a duster handy for my keyboard because they like to walk or sit on it. They mess up my posts several times a day!

The most precious was when Maisie (pictured) managed to key in ‘mmmmeeeee’ as she came for her uninitiated job interview in my office room. She didn’t get the job, but I gave her some treats.

I enjoy seeing people experience the world and I enjoy seeing the world myself. I’ve a particular affection for Eastern European and Scandinavian countries. Prague is my favorite place to visit.

I love watching my cats with a new toy or new food; love seeing my nieces growing up with their own personalities; love seeing my home and garden growing around me as I push myself to make things better. Life is all about making the positives bloom, living in the moment and letting any negativity escape from the mind.

I’m happy and lucky in that I have a loving partner and family, not forgetting my pets of course. I learn from other people, as I think we all do. There’s a joy in that, and I’ve made this site so I can share what I know with you.

About Me – My Favorite Hobby

I love to read – I’m a fantasy nerd. I also have my own site devoted to Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time (contact me if you want to know more about that). Of course, I love The Lord of the Rings too and many other books in the genre – Game of Thrones, anyone? I always browse the bookstores when I’m out shopping, it keeps me out of the way.

To lead me on to my next topic, here’s a random ad for Blackwell’s, who are awesome.

Blackwell's Student Price Match Guarantee

You’ll find my site contains links and banners to third party companies. I earn a small commission from any sales generated from these. It’s how I’m able to maintain I therefore encourage you to read my Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

I consider doing this site to be a hobby as well as work. It’s great fun writing about things I have a passion for.

About Me – My Work Background

In truth, I’ve worked quite a few jobs. Mostly not for very long, with some exceptions. I was in my last job for over 10 years, but it became time to let it go. I was a debt advisor in that employment.

Instead, I decided to look into making money for myself online. I came across Wealthy Affiliate and they’ve enabled me, through training and support, to get my business going. If you’re interested in setting up a business online, please take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate website and you can learn a bit more about it.

Previously I’ve worked in the theatre as an actor, director, producer and writer. And for many interim jobs, I’ve sadly been a voice on the phone in a call-center. I’m good at it, but my skills are greater than some of the jobs I’ve taken in that field.

The focus of I Want To Leave My Job! is for us all to feel content with our work and / or with ourselves. That’s why I Want To Leave My Job! is built on positivity. A place where we can find fulfilment.

So, what can I offer?

A yellow sign with the words 'New Skills' and 'Training' written on it.

This site wants to get you the experience you need to meet your chosen goals, whatever your level of ability or experience.

I Want To Leave My Job! is not a one-stop solution, or a make money fast site, but I believe in people so I will guide you as well as I can. There are lots of ‘other’ jobs out there after all, and I can give you information on training, applications, opportunities, and other tools that will help progress your work life. You don’t need to remain stuck.

For example – if I can do this, there’s no reason you can’t. I know I can help you and, above all, I want to help you. So, enjoy your visit to I Want To Leave My Job! with an air of confidence and optimism – there really is a brighter future that you can grasp now.

This time next year

A fireworks display.

We all have visions for ourselves. and oftentimes New Year can feel a bit bleak when our goals are the same as the previous year.

Every successful leap needs a run-up, so you’re in the right place. I want you to get a job you enjoy or, if it appeals to you, working for yourself. Whatever you think, there’s potential in you. With wind in our souls, the glowing embers of ambition will always ignite and fire us into the future!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions for me, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

All the best,


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