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Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job?

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Featureless person scratching head and leaning on a red question mark. Perhaps wondering to himself, "why do you want to leave your job?"

It’s clearly on your mind, but why do you want to leave your job, and what should you do next?

These are important questions to ask yourself, but you’re not alone. Most of us have dwelt on these questions at some point in our lives. Many will be doing exactly that whilst you’re reading this article.

I’m sorry you’re here for the most part. It means you’re unhappy with your current circumstances at work, even though you may still be receiving regular pay. You may be anxious or depressed. You may feel stressed and under pressure. So, now is the time to take a pause and make some time for yourself.

I’m building this site for people like you, who feel that life should be better than it is right now. I really think I can give you some supportive ideas that will help you take your next steps with an abundance of confidence and resolve.

Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job?

Let’s start by looking at the first question.

There are many reasons why your current job isn’t working for you just now. If we can find the reasons, then we can talk about what to do about it. Do any of these apply to what you’re feeling?

You’re Not Paid Enough

A hand holding burning dollar notes.

As inflation or interest rates push up costs for your rent / mortgage, fuel, energy, food, and tax bills there can be an overwhelming sense that your efforts at work are not being rewarded with a reasonable standard of living.

Maybe you’ve not had a proper holiday for a few years; maybe you can’t be as social as you used to be, but you’re still giving everything for your employer.

Not feeling the benefits from your labor can be depressing, but it’s not always the best reason for leaving a job. In this situation, you need to reflect on what your income might be should you leave. There may be benefit sanctions for a time, for example.

In this scenario, it’s better to look at maximizing your income rather than walking out. In my disillusionment, I set up a website and started an online affiliate marketing business. It earnt me some extra money and here I am.

So, perhaps you could take one of your hobbies and turn it into a small money-maker for yourself? Selling some of your culinary delights or recipes, for example.

Alternatively, do you have a spare room that you can sub-let? You should seek the landlord’s agreement if renting or check the terms of your mortgage contract first.

Do you have any gathering-dust items you could sell online? Not a long-term solution but something to consider.

Are there any promotion opportunities you could go for? Would your employer support you with training for a higher-paid role? Can you up-skill yourself in your own time? Could you re-train in a higher paid profession, or take on a second job?

All hard questions in hard times, I know, but worth asking. My tip is not to accept your first answer.

You’re Struggling to Make Ends Meet

If things are really tough financially, consider the above but don’t be afraid to get support when you need it too.

Have you checked what benefits you might be entitled to recently?

Maybe you’ve found yourself in debt, and you can’t afford the repayments. Have you tried negotiating with your creditors?

Are you having to choose between heating your home and feeding your family? Is cutting back any further an impossible ask?

I’m not qualified in all these areas, but I can point you in the direction of professionals.

Turn2Us is a national charity providing help for people who are struggling financially including, but not limited to, advice about benefits, grants, and trust funds.

National Debtline, StepChange Debt Charity and Debt Advice Foundation are charities that offer free, confidential and independent debt advice.

The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of food banks giving support to people in poverty.

I’m keen to point out that is not in any way affiliated with these charities and, if you’re in need of support, I recommend them with sincerity. At no point would this site look to benefit from charities that exist to help and support the wellbeing of others.

Please note that these charities are all UK based and the links will open in a new tab on your browser. Please refer to my Privacy Policy and the separate policies of the site/s visited if you require further assurance (link to my privacy policy also opens in a new tab).

Work Is Affecting Your Mental Health

A concerned man with palm pressed to his forehead.

It’s important that you maintain your wellbeing. Don’t let any job beat you up like that.

I always recommend seeking professional support from your GP if work is making you anxious, or depressed. There are charities such as The Samaritans and MIND as well as other organizations / charities that will do their best to help if you need support now. Please refer to my above statements in respect of charitable organizations.

The main problem here is that you may lack motivation to improve your situation, so every day feels like you’re digging a deeper hole for yourself. My advice is to take a step back.

What would you gain, and what would you lose, by leaving your job? Does your employer have resources you can use to talk through your feelings? Does your partner or family know? Would they support you?

It could be that you just need a break. Take some time to surround yourself with comforts. My cats and nieces are a huge tonic for me.

A cute white kitten.

But (and this is important) now would be a good time to ask yourself where you want to be in five years’ time. At the cat bowl, I imagine, lapping up the money-milk.

Hopefully this site can give you the directions and motivation to get you there.

Your Manager Hates You / You Hate Your Manager

This is a common theme and, in my opinion, a red flag. Unless resolved, a breakdown in relationships will ultimately lead to a job change.

Do you have a valid complaint? If so, go through your HR / Senior Manager process to get things dealt with.

Four men in discussion around an office table. One man points a finger into his hand whilst the other has his finger pointed upwards in opposition.

Chances are, however, that your role can’t remain tenable with tensions between you and your manager. I’d certainly be looking to move teams, ask to be redeployed, or scouring the job pages at this point.

From a positive point of view, if you feel good about the work you do then it’s going to be your employer’s loss. You can also give a wicked exit interview but, more importantly, you get to feel positive about yourself too!

Keep your eye on the prize though. Ultimately, you want to be the one that has stepped up once you’ve left. You need a job, some training or a business lined up, so you don’t feel your boss won.

And once you’ve done that, forget them. They’re not worth your time.

You’re Better Than This

Young adults go to university or college. They take up jobs in fast-food restaurants or bars. They know it’s not forever, but it can be frustrating for their intelligence.

A graduate in her gown looks out over a lake.

Unfortunately, this can happen as you get older too, and then it gets harder to free up your potential.

Well firstly, I 100% believe that you can do better – whoever you are! That’s why I’ll be creating posts here – to help you get to where you want to be.

I’m unique, as are you, and my goal here is two-fold. I want you to find the best place for you in work, and I want to help you do it.

What Should You Do Next?

I’ve posed the first question, and given voice to some reasons why you might want to leave the job you’re in.

I understand there are many other reasons, and I really want you to be clear about your individual answer. That’s because your reasons now will be a measure of your success in the weeks, months, or years to come.

You might be motivated by money, or you might be motivated by time (time with family, loved ones, or for yourself, perhaps) but you’re motivated all the same. You need to be because now’s the time to get busy.

Be clear in your own mind, and your focus will be rewarded. It’s time to stop thinking and start doing.

Act Now, So You’re Moving Forward

At this stage I suggest updating your CV before disillusionment sets in deep. There are billions of people in this world, and most have jobs. The one you’re in doesn’t need to be your job forever. Above all, believe in yourself and know your value.

Mock CVs for Arnold Schwarznegger and James Bond.

As you update your résumé, you’ll rightly reflect on the skills and aptitudes that helped you get your current job. Take some time to feel proud of your achievements. It’s all too easy to forget how brilliant we are when day-to-day life is tiresome. You’ll likely have even more experience and abilities now too, so let’s forge ahead and use those attributes.

The aim, in my view, must be to increase your income and improve your job satisfaction (trading money for time also counts). Moving sideways isn’t ideal because a new job brings new challenges, and you’ll want to feel the benefit when you meet them head-on.

Getting paid more may involve learning new skills. If you check back in with this site regularly, you’ll see I can help you with that. Make sure you add them to your CV which you’ll start on after reading this, right?

Ha, if you don’t then please at least make some notes about all the things you’re good at, and the experience you have to offer. You can thank me later.

Would Making Some Passive Income Help?

Making your own money is incredibly rewarding and I have a passion for it. You’ll see I spend quite a bit of time on this site talking about making money online, and / or from home.

Perhaps signing up to Wealthy Affiliate may reinvigorate you. It’s an affiliate marketing online training platform that trains you in the creation of a website and your own online business, all from scratch. I’m putting it out there as it works for me.

I’m not saying this is an immediate solution, by any means, or even a long-term answer (it can be in some cases) but it’s something to consider.

You can use the techniques you’ll learn at Wealthy Affiliate to make a passive income in your spare time from something you have a passion in. It’s a pleasing deviation that can often make a mundane job more sufferable, and sometimes replace it.

Moving Forward With I Want To Leave My Job!

Okay, so let’s be clear, you want to leave your job? Well, I named this site just for you and as it grows, I’m sure you’ll find something that sparks your interest.

I want to be clear that I’m not encouraging you to leave your job now. I want you to have a plan first.

Jigsaw of a $100 bill - not all pieces in place yet.

I’m building this site so you can find something that works for you, so you can leave your job and be happier. As I Want To Leave My Job! grows, you’ll receive more information on how to improve your income and get into your dream job.

This includes new skills, new careers, and self-employment. Take a look around the site to see what works for you.

If you have any thoughts, feedback or questions, please leave them in the comments section below. I’ll respond or answer as soon as I can.

Alternatively use the Contact Me form, if you prefer to keep things confidential.

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